Oregon Zoo Train Trestle

• Located in Portland, Oregon
• Rail Alignment of Infamous Zoo Train to Accomodate New Elephant Lands Exhibit
• 2,200 Linial Feet of On-Grade Track and a 240 ft Long Steel Framed Trestle
• Designed to Accomodate 5 unique Locomotive


Oregon Zoo Forest Hall

• Located in Portland, Oregon
• 45 ft Tall Exposed, Insulated, Cast in Place Concrete Walls Support roof structure with spans of nearly 100 ft
• Column-Free, voluminous Interior Space Marking the Centerpiece of the new Elephant Exhibit.
• Part of Oregon Zoo Elephant Lands Expansion Project


Oregon Zoo Visitor Services Building

• Located in Portland, Oregon
• First Use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in Oregon!
• Part of Oregon Zoo Elephant Lands Expansion Project


Sahalee Park Pavilion

• Located in Madras, Oregon
• Steel and Glulam Framed Roof for Recreation Area
• Covered Area with Power for Concerts & Events


Oakland Wetlands Park Shelter

• Located in Oakland, California
• Built of Steel Plate & Pipe
• Entrance to Wetlands Park


Tualatin Valley Water District

• Located in Beaverton, Oregon
• Provided Solar Array Structural Support atop an existing 5,000 Square Foot Facility