• New Buildings in Steel, Wood, Concrete or Masonry


    Equilibrium Engineers has an extensive resume of new public and private buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our experience includes the structural design of facilities in the healthcare, higher education, commercial, retail, multi-family and single family residential and manufacturing market sectors.

  • Additions/Remodels


    Many of our projects involve additions to or remodels of existing structures. In this type of work, we strive to ensure that strength and stability of the existing structure is not compromised by the improvements and that the end design satisfies all code requirements in a cost effective manner.

  • Seismic Evaluations & Upgrades


    The aging building inventory in the Pacific Northwest, along with a heightened awareness of the seismicity of the area, has made seismic evaluations and upgrades a significant part of the services we offer to our clients. Our familiarity with historic construction practices, upgrade technologies and alternatives, and latest ASCE design standards ensures that our upgrade designs are well-informed and cost effective.

  • Solar/Green Roof Evaluations & Additions


    Equilibrium Engineers has performed numerous evaluations of existing roof structures for their ability to support solar panels and/or green roofs. We have assisted building owners by developing creative solutions that allow them to make their buildings more sustainable without incurring extensive upgrade costs.

  • Equipment Seismic Anchorage


    Whether it is a new rooftop air handling unit, an overhead x-ray machine or a 30 ton break press, Equilibrium Engineers has extensive experience in developing seismic anchorage designs for all types and sizes of equipment.

  • Tenant Improvements


    Equilibrium Engineers understands that most damage sustained during earthquakes involves the interior, non structural components of buildings. In our tenant improvement projects, we design all interior walls, suspended ceilings and soffits, and other interior elements to current seismic standards.

  • Peer Review


    Building owners, developers, contractors and Architects have hired Equilibrium Engineers to peer review structural designs performed by other firms as a means of maintaining quality control on their projects.