Oregon State University Student Experience Center

• Located in Corvallis, Oregon
• Lightweight Decorative Cladding Integrated into the Circular Stair and Railing Winding up to the Fourth Floor
• Overhead "oculus" Suspended from Atrium Roof Sturcture


Yahoo! Beaverton Offices

• Located in Beaverton, Oregon
• New Cafeteria, Included Dropped Soffits, Kitchen Hood Support and Bracing and Signage bracing
• Loading Dock Improvements Including New Steel Canopy and Enclosure for a Relocated Generator.
• Mechanical Upgrade Including the Support and Replacement of Multiple Mechanical Units as well as Seismic Anchorages.


Lewis & Clark Fields Dining Hall

• Located in Portland, Oregon
• Complete Kitchen/Dining Room Renovation
• New Entryway and Expansive Floor to Ceiling Window System
• Support for New Rooftop HVAC Units


Providence Bridgeport Diagnostic Suite

• Located in Beaverton, Oregon
• Design of Dropped Soffit and Ceiling Structures.
• Designed Seismic Anchorages for MRI, CT, Radiology and X-Ray equipment. Included Isolation Slab for MRI.



• Located in Portland, Oregon
• Design of Partial Height Steel Plate Partition Walls
• Design of New Soffits & Office Entry